Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter from March 16

This was a good week. This Sunday we will have changes. I'm not sure if I will be in Tena the next time I write but I am almost sure that I will have a new companion. Tena has been a great sector though! This week we finished painting most of the hospital with the gringos. We have to go back still and finish a bit. We also went around to a lot of the families in the branch who are struggling and brought them food and clothes from donations that all the doctors and members made that came from the states. It meant a lot to those families. It was a really great day! And it finally gave us something to do other than contact, so it helped us to. Saturday we did a service project for a family who lives out in the jungle. Basically we took down half of their house and rebuilt it. I don't have pictures. We saw tons of bugs though. There were tons of tarantulas. Most of them were small but there was one that was bigger than my hand!! Then, Saturday night we, printed out 1000 little cards and spent three hours contacting all of Tena and passing out the cards! It was pretty cool. Tena is small so the goal was to make it so all of Tena gets to know the church. We preached in the buses in the stores and all over the streets. IT was a cool idea.

Sunday we had six investigators in church which was cool and nine less actives. We had a good attendance this week overall. Two elders in our district finish their missions this week. Pretty exciting for them. Time seems to fly by fast, Two years is nothing. Pretty soon, it will be me. Our time to serve the Lord full time is not a lot. But it prepares us for a lifetime dedicated to his service. 

Read the story of the stripling warriors Alma 53 through 57

Mothers taught them! 

no sign of the package still. But everything is good. Love you, have a great week!

Elder Peterson

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