Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hey mom! 

How is the family? I didn't hear from anyone this week so I hope everything is OK. Please let me know that everyone is OK. This week has been pretty busy. Tuesday we had the leaders meeting in the mission which was good. Wednesday we started interviews. Every three months president interviews all the missionaries so we travel to the different zones and my companion and I train while president interviews. So we have been pretty busy with that. Wed we were in Los Chillos. Thursday in Ambato! I got to see my old zone. I miss Ambato a lot. And Friday we were in our zone here in Quito. Today we have been taking care of a lot of emergency changes and things, so we haven't done much. 

We are teaching a family right now that is super good! It was kind of a miracle that we found them. We were going to contact their house but because of where it was at, we almost didn't. But we talked to the wife who told us they were busy and then we left. A half an hour later we were contacting up the hill and she came and found us and asked us to come back and teach her and her husband. So we went back and taught them. They are awesome! So willing to accept the gospel. It makes me so happy to see them happy. Since we have been teaching, they have both received an answer that it is true and their lives have already changed a lot. 

Anyway, this week we are going to be traveling a lot. We might not even come back to Quito until Saturday. So we should stay pretty busy. How is everything over there? Hope to hear from you guys!


Elder Peterson

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