Monday, November 10, 2014

Homeless and hungry

This week was good. We found two new families and two other investigators. This week is the last week before changes. I like something my mission President told me, "If you pray for patience, you will be given opportunities to develop patience; God gives us what we need not what we want." I wish I would of thought about that before I prayed for patience. No, just kidding.

This week I've started studying Jesus the Christ at night. I'm in chapter 5. It's a great book! In the New Testament, I'm in Luke right now. It's been pretty hot this week. It started to rain again today. Nothing terribly intersting to report, I'm afraid. We knock doors here and contact in the street when we see families. Today we cleaned the house super good then went to the mall to eat lunch. I bought a mat to do exercises on and we ate at some taco burrito place, which was okay. I'll send a picture. I didn't eat the fries because two little girls probably around 6 and 3 years old came by begging for food. I'm not even sure if they had parents, but they looked homeless and hungry and I couldn't say no, so I gave them my fries. Always be grateful for what you have is the lesson I learned. We were invited to a birthday of a members little boy. They had cupcakes and some really good food which they gave us. I will send a picture... ummm. That's about it. For exercises, I am doing 100 pushups every night and we run in the mornings and do situps. Cheer loud at the wrestling matches for me. Let me now how everything goes, and for Austins rugby games too.
Love you all. The gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ. Seek for knowledge and study the scriptures and make good memories, those are the only things youll carry with you into the next life. Have a great week!
Elder Peterson

Local fruit called granadia

Mountains outside his apartment

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