Monday, November 10, 2014

Press Forward


Well, this week was one of the harder weeks I've had in the mission. And to make it worse, dad and my brothers are doing my favorite thing in the world, hunting! Anyway, I press forward.
We had 7 people this week with baptismal dates and only 1 made it to church. They all had legit problems, so it was hard because there was nothing we could do. But I am looking forward to the coming week and finding new people. There are people here prepared and I will find them.
The mission is full of good and difficult times, but without the difficult times we don't get better and we cant develop Christlike attributes. I'm sure the Lord put me here for a reason. We are going to have a good change here, I can feel it. The other day my companion and I were able to set good goals. 100% obedience, consecrated missionaries is all the goals put together. It was good. Our sector is pretty dang big. It starts at the bottom of the mountain and goes all the way up.

Anyway, this week should be better. I hope your week is good. You will have to send me some deer jerky it sounds like. Make sure dad sends me pictures. Love and miss you. You are always in my prayers!

Elder Peterson

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