Thursday, October 1, 2015



Okay...This has been a fun and interesting week! Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal. We did divisions on Tuesday. I was with Elder Poma from Bolivia. It was good. Wednesday we practiced for the special number that we did for Elder Wadell. We sang Army of Helaman with the sisters and the other elders. I sing a lot better now than 15 months ago, by the way. It is a talent I have been developing. Thursday Elder Waddell was supposed to arrive at 11am. We were there from 10:30am to 5:40pm, waiting! There were a lot of riots and things in Ecuador going on and most of the roads were blocked off, so they got here late. Basically, we only had an hour and a half of training instead of seven hours!! That was a bummer, but we fit a lot into that hour and a half. It was a super good training. We talked about the difference between a baptism and a convert. A baptism is a number and a convert is somebody that will endure and make it to the temple some day. We talked about the purpose of the priesthood (D&C 2- Elijah, sealing keys-seal families). We also talked about the Atonement and keeping our covenants, including the covenant we made when we accepted our mission call. It was very uplifting.

Saturday, we had the baptism of E which was awesome!! He got confirmed on Sunday as well. He is awesome and will be a great member. His daughter will hopefully get baptized this Saturday or next. That was our week. One of the less active families that we teach came to church this week, so that was good. This week the President is coming to Ambato and my companion and I have to give a specialized training. That should be fun.

I'm excited to see where Cody gets called to. Love you, have a great week!

Elder Peterson

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