Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Well, I've completed nine months this week. The time has passed super fast. It was an interesting week and a successful week, so that was good. Starting from Monday...we got back to the house and changed and left to go pick up a family (we were going to do a family home evening with them). We were walking down the road and there was a car pulled over and they waived us down. By the way, people don't usually wave us down. We went over and they asked us to give a blessing to their son who was convulsing inside of the car. They aren't members of the church but they knew some missionaries about 20 years ago. So, we both leaned into one end of the car and I gave a small blessing. As soon as we finished, the boy calmed down and stopped convulsing. We talked to the family for a second. They live in Quito. Obviously, they have a lot of faith because the blessing worked. It was a cool experience. Then, we went with that family that we are teaching and did a family home evening. It was good. They came to church this week. It's a family of four. Tuesday morning I cut myself in the kitchen and it bled for a second, but it's healed now. Wednesday, we went to teach a family we have been working with but the appointment fell through. While we were walking out there, there was a tiny dirt road with one house and I felt that we should contact the house. We had walked by it plenty of times before, but this time I felt something. So, we went and knocked and a 19 year old kid answered the door. He's a less active member that just came from Guyaquil. The rest of his family members aren't members of the church. It was cool that we could find him. Hopefully we will be able to teach his family. Thursday and Friday were normal. Saturday we did a service. We painted the outside of a family's restaurant that we have been teaching. In the family, the little kids are all members of the church, but the parents aren't married, so they cant be baptized. The mom has been coming to church and wants to be baptized. The dad would never listen to the missionaries before, but he has listened to us a few times now and he came to church this week with his wife! 

We've been working really hard here with less actives and investigators. Since we got here the attendance has been 35-40. This week there were 71 people at church. We almost didn't have room for everyone. Hopefully it can keep it up so that Tena can have a chapel someday!! That was pretty much our week. Hopefully the families we are teaching can progress. The work is good! 

Love you all, hope you have a good week! Listen to the spirit always. 
D&C 75:26,27, Alma 37:36,37

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