Tuesday, February 3, 2015


We had changes. I'm in a place called Tena now. It is super hot here. It's like the farthest place out in the mission. It was a 5 hour trip today from Quito. I'm opening  a sector here with Elder Cruz, from Guayaquil. I'm senior companion. They just took all the missionaries out of these sectors so there are 6 of us now and we are all new. There hasn't been baptisms here for the last 3 months. It should be fun. They are starting from scratch though. I'm sweating so hard right now. Oh and we baptize in the river here which is awesome!!

Our apartment was disgusting when we got here. We spent the day cleaning all day, because we couldn't leave the house that day. It was a mission rule. It still smells bad, and water always leaks from the toilet, so we need to get that fixed somehow. The street doesn't have a name. It's on a dirt road.

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