Sunday, February 22, 2015

Faith of February...Miracle of March

This week was alright. There were changes last Monday, so there are two new missionaries here in Tena. One from Mexico and one from Argentina. One finishes his mission this change and the other the next change. In total there are three missionaries in our district of 6 that are finishing their missions in the next month or two. So, there is always a lot of talk about home and stuff going on here. 

This week in Tena there have been a lot of parades and things like that because everyone has vacations, so the work has been going kind of slow this week. Carnival is a holiday they have here. It started Friday and ends Tuesday. It's basically a week of throwing water balloons and spraying foam at each other. People have tried to get us wet, most have failed. Also they do celebrate Valentines Day does exist here, so it was a week full of holiday. Which means people didn't have a whole lot of time to listen to missionaries, but we were able to find a little of success. 

We have been teaching a single mom that came to church last week. She is really good and asks a ton of questions always so our lessons with her are always really long. She has a lot of potential. We have really been looking for families to teach though. I want to find a family in this sector that has a lot of potential to be able to help this tiny branch. The branch lacks priesthood and converted families. I don't want to leave this sector until we can find and convert a family like that. We have also been working a lot with less active families and a few are progressing. We are teaching a less active family right now. They aren't married and the sister has a lot of fear of getting married because of problems they have. It was an interesting lesson because usually as missionaries we push people to get married no matter what. I realized that we have an influence in things that are eternal. The things we do in the mission will have eternal blessings or eternal consequences, not just for us but for the people we teach and counsel. 

As a mission we fasted this week. We are doing a small program as a mission that is called faith of February - miracle of March. As a mission we are going to read the Book of Mormon, do a service every week, study an attribute of Christ every week, and do a personal sacrifice. My personal sacrifice is going to be to fast every week. Hopefully, we will see the fruits this coming month. 
Love you so much! I hope you have a great week! This week I have gained a testimony of hope! We must have hope so the we do not get discouraged during the trials of life! I love and miss you.

Elder Peterson

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