Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Growth and Goals

This week has been good overall. We spent the first days trying to get to know the area. We got to meet a few members that live in the ward. There are two active member families in our sector, and two or three that are inactive. The ward had an attendance of 60-80 over the past year as an average. Right now it has been more like 30-50. There were 39 this Sunday. So obviously the branch is struggling here. We don't have a chapel. We hold meetings in a building. It has been a physically tiring week. We walk a lot because our sector is really big. We cook at home sometimes. My companion likes to cook a lot so that's cool. We've been doing a lot of contacting, and serving people where we can. We helped a bunch of people move the other day which was fun. We also had an interesting talk with a family. They told us a lot more than we needed to know. I realized that the world is a very messed up and disgusting place and that we are so blessed as a family. So very blessed! By the way, we have an awesome family if you haven't figured that out yet. We have so much fun together. I'm so grateful for the wonderful life you guys have provided for us.. So grateful! The mission has put a lot of things in perspective for me.  It's going by so fast. I have set a lot of goals for the new year, but overall as an unsaid goal I have the goal and hope that 2015 will be a year that I never forget, that changes my life a lot, where I become a true disciple of Christ. That's what I'm going for though. I've also realized that that is only accomplished through obedience. I've realized that obedience plays a big role in what we will or will not accomplish in life. 
btw my favorite scripture right now is Alma 27:18

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