Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cool story

Not a ton of exciting stuff happened this week. I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to share something cool that happened this week. I think it was Friday. We were contacting and we contacted all morning and on the way to lunch, someone stopped us and asked if we studied the bible.  We stopped and talked to him and made an appointment to visit him the next day. The next day we met him and went to a members house where we had a small lesson with him. He has made some mistakes in his life and is super, super humble and not sure where to go. After we finished the lesson he told us how he got kicked out of his house and then came here to live with his aunt. That day when we contacted him, he had been walking around all morning trying to talk to God and ask for guidance. When he saw us, he said that coincidences don't exist and that God must have sent us. Then he told us that it was like we read his mind. All the things we had taught were like we had spoke to his heart and knew exactly what he needed. He came to church with us the next day, but this week he leaves for Ambato, so he won't be staying here. It stinks for us, but we are happy that we had that experience. We also worked a lot this week with less active members and we had 11 come to church, which was awesome! 
We have had quite a few difficulties in this sector, all the missionaries of Tena have struggled. But we are working hard and little by little the branch is growing stronger. Also in our mission only the leaders have phones. But this week I became the first to have a phone that isn't a leader. Love you all. Have a great week!
Elder Peterson

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