Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crowded spaces


This week was good. The baptism we had fell through because his parents didn't give permission for him to get baptized and he's only 16 years old. But it was a good week still. We worked hard and have new investigators now. Hopefully this with be a succesful change, we have good goals. We have been working with a lot of different people. We had 4 new people at church on sunday which was good. Hopefully we will improve this week as well. 

We`ve had 4 people in our apartment which kind of stinks but we deal with it. A new missionary too, he doesnt speak Spanish very good, but he will learn. When we are together I am the translator. What new companion is good. We have worked well together and get a long well. His testimony is strong though. He is a convert. A year before his mision he was baptized. 

Everything else is good, weve have a good week and this week will also be good. The scripture I have really like this week is Helaman 3:27-30. God is merciful to those who have faith, who diligently seek the kingdom of heaven. And the words of Christ, the scriptures, will lead us down the path which leads us to eternal life. And will land us on the right side of God never to leave again. I we follow this path with diligence and faith in Christ and lay hold to his words we inherit the kingdom of heaven. 

Love you guys so much have a great week!

Elder Peterson

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