Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 20

My week was good. This week and the week before we had baptisms which was awesome! I will send pictures from this week. This week was the baptism of M.., she is great and will be a great member of the church. It was difficult for her because her parents don't approve, they are of a different religion. But she is determined to follow this path no matter the difficulties. 

This week we worked a lot with less active families and recent converts. I feel it is my last couple of weeks in this sector. Tomorrow I complete 5 months in the mission I think. Pretty cool, time goes by so fast. Yesterday I ate soup with pigs feet in it. That was pretty interesting. I've also eaten chicken feet and pig skin. Those are some of the things most different. What else, my companion is a cool guy. We get along good, we joke with each other a lot. I finished the Book of Mormon again the other day. I started when I was in the MTC I think. I've started the new testament now. Yesterday, I taught the principles of the gospel class and the Priesthood class. Fun stuff. My Spanish is pretty good. I learn new stuff everyday. 

I liked a few scriptures that I read the other day. Moroni 9:6, 25-26

We all have a duty to perform and we must work diligently while in our mortal bodies, that we may conquer the enemy, that we may perfect ourselves through Christ so that we may rest one day in the kingdom of our father. The hope of eternal life and the sacrifice of Christ should always rest upon our minds, so that we may achieve the goal, so that we can always remember why we are here. That's my spiritual thought for the week. The church is true, I like something Elder Oaks said, that the gospel doesn't teach us to be someone, it teaches us to become someone. My prayer is that we may all continue converting ourselves, and reach our full potential as children of a divine being, that loves and knows each of us. I love this gospel, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and part of this wonderful work. 

Love and miss you, have a great week. 

Elder Peterson

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