Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 3

This week was a really good week. We had a really hard time teaching for some reason. No one answered us. Also we've had a really hard time getting a member to come with us to appointments. We teach a lot of single moms and we can't enter their house unless we have someone with us over 18. So we've had a hard time with that. 4th of July was this week. I celebrated with a bag of chips and a gatorade and dad gave me a brillant idea of how to celebrate...I lit a match, whoooo! haha. We were supposed to have a baptism this week but there was some kind of emergency and our investigator left town without telling us. So that was a real bummer for us to find out after we had prepared everything. And there was nothing wrong she is ready and wants to be baptised so I'm not sure what happened. But we still have a lot of good investigators and her baptism is moved to this Saturday now.

We had a great experience last night. We didn't have anything planned with investigators so we decided to go visit a member who had been struggling with some things. We had talked to him the day before and he was doing much better. On our way over there we had a feeling and decided to stop at a different members house who are semi recent converts. There son is someone who comes with us often to appointments and he is preparing to serve a mission. His family opened up to us and told them that he is really discouraged because he's been trying to send in his papers but the bishop says he has to get vaccines and stuff first. Which, according to all his paperwork he's fine. He was really discouraged and was ready to give up and just not go on a mission. Apparently this has happened where some bishops down here just dont know how it works with missionaries. My companion knew somewhat about this and we were able to help them and left some things for them to share with him to motivate him. So it was a cool expirience. Also, Sunday we taught the gospel principles class which was really cool. My spanish is doing really well.
My scripture for the week is D&C 122:4-8. I love these verses, they were able to help our investigators a lot which some of the things they are struggling with.
I love being a missionary sharing the gospel. We get rejected a lot and we are bothered often by drunks. People just pass out in the street here alot. Trash is everywhere. It's a different world here, but it's growing on me. Love you all. Have a great week.
Love Elder Peterson

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