Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 4 - Changes

It's beautiful here. It's surrounded by mountains. Yesterday, we could see the peak of a snow topped volcano. I would of taken a picture but I don't usually carry my camera. The weather has been good. The rainy season ended before I came here. I don't think there are any poisonous animals. There's a lot of dogs, wild dogs mostly. There was a dead dog in a trash can once. There is definitely crime I haven't seen a ton. There's trash everywhere, no one cares here. People just throw garbage wherever.

This week was a really good week. Had a lot of really good experiences. First, all is well, health is good and spirit strong! I think it was Friday we had a really cool expirience. All our lessons fell through and we had no one to teach. we said a prayer in the street that we could find a family to teach, that needed the gospel and was prepared to hear our message. We ended the prayer and about 12 seconds later we found a family to teach. It was a really good expirience. God anwers prayers, most of the time not immediately, but sometimes we get an answer just like that! The other experience I had was during a lesson with a member. He was struggling with some things and to be honest I couldnt quite understand exactly what he was going through. It was like he was talking in a different language or something. Anyway, a scipture and a quote came to my mind. I shared it with him. He said I couldnt speak the language very well but that was exactly what he needed to hear. I've learned its important to follow the promptings of the spirit, especially when your still learning how to speak the language because without the spirit you can't teach!

Last night we had changes! We have changes every six weeks. Elder M. left and I stayed here in Santa Ana. My new companion is Elder F, he's from Honduras. He doesn't speak English either, but he's a good guy. He doesn't know the investigators or the area though so I'm kind of in charge of planning and everything. At the same time, he is finishing my training and is the district leader. We didn't end up having a baptism this week. Our investigator left for the coast until the end of August so that was really disappointing. We have a baptism for this week though, hopefully. I might be doing the baptism and confirmation now that Elder M is gone so we´ll see.  That was my week. I hope you guys have a great week and good vacation. Love and miss you all!

Elder Peterson

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