Monday, September 15, 2014

I Made it to the MTC in Mexico!

Mom and Dad,

I made it to the MTC in Mexico! Today we are checking in and meeting our district and my companion. Other than that we get a free day! I made it through immigration and everything okay. They didn't end up needing a copy of my call letter. Anyway, from when I left you I saw you guys all waving as the plane left Twin Falls although you probably couldn't see me. The flight was really rough and I got quite a headache but I did manage to memorize the first preach my gospel lesson in Spanish!  When I got to Salt Lake, I met up with another missionary going to Quito and a Sister missionary as well. Oh, and for dinner I had spaghetti marinara ;). From there we flew to Atlanta. I slept on the flight and at the airport after and then we flew out to Mexico! We met up with a couple more missionaries after the flight. All my bags made it safely, so that was good. Then, we drove out to the MTC. People are crazy drivers here, worse than Dad. My P-day at the MTC is Thursday so that is when I can write. Other than that I think I'm getting better. All I can say is that I know I am where I need to be. I'm here to work and learn and I am excited to serve the Lord!

Love, Elder Peterson

On the plane to Mexico.

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